Huge population growth in Norway

The forecasts show that there is a growth in population in 314 of the 430 municipalities in the country in 2010. There is also a growth in 96 of the 177 least central municipalities in the country, which is an increase of 7 compared to 2009. The most striking pattern is that immigration accounts for two thirds of the growth.

– Immigrants are a resource for Norway. I am looking forward that immigration generate benefits to the whole country from big cities to small communities, says Local Government and Regional Development Minister Liv Signe.

A population growth of 65 000 is the highest result ever recorded. This is 2700 higher than the previous peak year in 2008 and 5800 higher than in 2009. Barely one third of the increase is a result of the birth surplus, while slightly more than two-thirds come from migration surplus from abroad. A net immigration from abroad of 44 500 will be the highest ever recorded, 1,100 higher than in 2008. A birth excess of 20 500 will be about as big as last year.

Continuing growth in major populated areas

The highest population growth occurs in the major cities. Oslo grows by 12 600 persons, while Bergen and Trondheim has 4200 more residents. Settlements in Aust-Agder Arendal Lillesand also have high population growth. Several municipalities in Romerike in Akershus, Skedsmo Ullensaker, Gjerdrum and Eidsvoll grow much in percentage, while many municipalities in northern Norway as a percentage rather lose much of its population.

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