Islamic Council of Norway Condemns Suicide Attack in Stockholm

– Suicide attempt was an eye-opener for most of us who have lived in this peaceful part of the world. The situation demands that we shall gather and strongly reject terror, regardless of justification, and location, wrote the Islamic Council of Norway on its website.

The Islamic Council of Norway is horrified by the suicide operation that hit Stockholm on Saturday night, and condemns the attack with a clear message. The council wrote that such abuse is clearly contrary to the teachings of Islam, and can never be accepted by Muslims.

It was also noted that they encourage all Norwegian Muslims to be vigilant to prevent something similar could happen in Norway and called all responsible people not to use this terrible incident to whip up feeling against Muslims, in Norway or other countries. The decleration on the website concluded that Muslims should not be held collectively accountable for the actions of one crazy person.

Muslims threatened

Former Secretary General of the Islamic Council of Norway, Shoaib Sultan suggested that there is a hateful atmosphere against Muslims and that the threats have become more serious.

– Islam does not have such a room in any way for some individuals regardless of the occasion. This type of actions are not acceptable, neither in Norway nor in other countries," said Mehboob Ur Rehman of the Islamic Cultural Centre to TV 2

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