Bergen Police revealed global pedophile network

A 15-year-old boy alerted police about a pedophile case in Bergen and the investigation turned out to be an international case with involvement of several countries. In this frame, Holywood police has arrested 16 people connected to the secret pedophilia network.

– It started with a small case but we found a world out there beyond our imagination, "said chief investigator Bent Raknes in the Hordaland police.

On the other hand, the Policeman Johan Martin Vie, who was arrested in Bergen, was sentenced to 10 years for assaulting several young boys, and for having taken pictures of the atrocities. It was also revealed that he shared the images with other pedophiles.

The headquarter in Hollywood

In search of evidence filed by Bergen police, a house in Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA was searched. This search revealed that the matter has a serious international level. Norway and the United States coordinated evidence across borders and American police closed a pedophilia network with 35 members under the name "Lost Boy".

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