Norway will not give up Kyoto Protocol

Minister of Environment and Development Erik Solheim said at a press meeting in Cancun that the whole basis for a climate treaty is undermined without Kyoto Protocol.

The question of the Kyoto Protocol's future is one of the hardest issue during the climate negotiations in Cancun. Japan, Canada and Russia have said they will not go along with a new commitment period, while developing countries take this as a prerequisite. Norway will accept a new commitment period if there is a Parallel comparable agreement that includes all major emitters.

– I will take this up in all the conversations I have in the course of negotiations. From the Norwegian side, we will do everything to move climate policy a step forward, "said Solheim.

Funding and forest conservation are also important for Norway.

"We must build on the good work Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has made as head of the High Level Group on climate change funding. It is important to find a practical system, "said Solheim.

He believes it is unfair of the United States to block solutions for forest projects in developing countries if they do not get a comprehensive solution to all the questions in the negotiations.

– It is vital to achieve a rainforest agreement, both for biodiversity and climate. This cannot happen without a comprehensive solution, "said Solheim.

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