Solheim to assist climate change negotiations

A total of 14 environmental ministers have been asked to assist in this way. The participating environment ministers will work in teams, one from an industrialized country and one from a developing country. Their main role will be to consult the parties to find possible solutions.

– Climate talks in Cancun has so far been a positive process. In the discussions on Saturday and Sunday, there were those who advocated that we must look for compromises," said Norway's chief negotiator Audun Rosland.

After the ministers' negotiation, a framework for a future binding climate agreement will be prepared. The leaders of the two main tracks in the negotiations, Margaret Mukahanana-Sangarwe and John Ashe, processed the texts that summarize the main themes and a basis for negotiations. Norway took the word in the debate and stressed that an agreement in Cancun is important for efforts to find a balanced solution and demonstrate a willingness to compromise.

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