Norway participates in European Migration Network (EMN)

– The participation in EMN is one of the government's 22 main priorities for refugee and migration area. Participation will allow us to obtain useful experience from other countries, and strengthen the work of the Norwegian policy and practice well harmonized with European countries, "said Justice Minister Knut Storberget.

Norwegian participation in emn is rooted in the review. St. 9 (2009 – 2010), which states that Norway is seeking to take part in the network in 2010. Emn is a knowledge network under the Commission with 26 participating countries in addition to Norway. The network provides information to the Commission, the participating countries and other interested parties about the situation in member countries, regulations and practices. Including the so-called "best practices" in migration and immigration area, the knowledge gathered and analyzed will be used as part of efforts to realize a common European asylum system.

– Only through greater cooperation, it is possible to ensure harmonization and coordination to meet the challenges Norway face in refugee and migration area. The challenges in this field are the same for many countries in Europe. To meet these common challenges, solutions must be based on cooperation and joint action, "said Justice Minister.

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