Myths and Facts about Disability Insurance

“Some people claim that there has been a tremendous increase in the number of disability pensioners in Norway, and believe cutting disability allowance will get more people into work. Here is the review of facts and myths in this issue:

– Myth 1: The number of disability pensioners is growing strongly

Fact: It is not true. The proportion of disability pensioners in the population has been very stable the last few years. It was 10 percent in 2001 and 9.5 percent in 2010. Source: NAV:

Myth 2: The number of young disabled people has exploded

Fact: It is not true. It is sometimes argued, because, among 18-19 year olds, there has been an increase of 418 persons in ten years. But we look at the whole group of young people between 18 and 29 years, there has been just 94 more disability from 2001 to 2009, despite a large growth in population. It can hardly be called a striking increase. Source: NAV:

Myth 3: Norway has more disability receiver than other countries

Fact: Norway has more people in work and fewer unemployed than most of the countries, with high employment and low unemployment. But among those who are outside the workforce, there has more right for social security in Norway. It is a value SV wants to take care of.

Myth 4: If we cut the disability allowance, we will get more work

Fact: There is no reason to believe it. There are strict medical criteria for disability benefits. So no one can even choose disability benefits rather than to work even if they wish. Also: Less money does not recover. On the contrary, poverty contributes to increasing health problems and make returning to work more difficult.

Conclusion: SV shares the goal to encourage several of the disabled who are able to join the labor market again. We are to discuss all proposals that help people to be healthier or make the workplace more accessible to those who are disabled. But SV will always stand by those who are not healthy enough to work.

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