Norway has invented “vacuum cleaner” for oil spills

Scientists were able to construct a device, called MOSE, or Mechanical Oil spill Sanitation Equipment, on the principle of operation resembling a vacuum cleaner.

The device emits an absorbent in water, thoroughly mixing it, and then swallows it. Professionals have automated manual processes, where absorbing material is placed in water, removed and cleaned. Recently, a similar solution was offered by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). They have provided their robots with conveyor that has a hydrophobic nano fabric. While getting inside the unit, the fabric is getting hot resulting in separating of oil and then burning of it.

The Norwegian unit is far behind the U.S. development, since it has no autonomy, and therefore cannot act jointly with other MOSEs. Also among the bugs of the invention noted its ability to deal only with small-scale pollution, and the important defect as well is the weight of almost 10 kg.

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