VG steps forward

Head of Schibsted group Rolf Erik Ryussdal does not believe in an ambulance demise of paper publications. The Newspaper's circulation exceeded Aftenposten's circulation by 314 copies per day. Aftenposten and VG left in the third quarter of this year with a circulation of 238,401 and 238,715 copies respectively. Such data are contained in the report of Schibsted media conglomerates.

«VG brings a good income from advertising, but we are concerned about the reduction of circulation. We are seeing the same trend in Sweden from the newspaper Aftonbladet », – said the head of the concern Rolf Erik Ryussdal during the presentation of quarterly results.

In the first quarter of this year for the first time in 29 years, the Aftenposten circulation has exceeded circulation of VG. But then VG bypassed Aftenposten by the number of copies sold, despite the fact that the circulation of both publications declined.

Despite the reduction in the number of paper-selling newspaper, Rolf Erik Ryussdal considers that the declarations of their impending death were unfounded.

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