First Headquarters of NATO beyond the Arctic Circle

– This operations center is unique in the world – said King Harald, after the opening ceremony, according to NRK. Center goes into the mountains in depth of 1 km, which are under Reytane, Bodø (Northern Norway).

The center collected the most modern technology that allows you to plan and carry out various operations in different parts of the world simultaneously. Among other things, here is the largest flat screen monitor in Norway – an area nearly 40 square meters.

Chief of Staff Operations Command Lieutenant General Bernt Iver Ferdinand has called the event the next milestone in the process of updating the Operational Command. Headquarters in Reytane opened in August 1, 2009. Previously Operational Command was in Stavanger in the south.

Moving is fully consistent with the increased attention of the government to the northern regions. The location beyond the Arctic Circle will allow the military high command of Norway to have information about the North at first hand. Better understanding of existing here interests, activities and trends – the key to success in the protection of national interests in the region.

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