FrP’s New Target is Higher Education

– It is completely unacceptable that illegal immigrants invade the places of Norwegian students, "says Per-Willy Amundsen.

According to the Norwegian daily- Klassekampen, the reason for Amundsen's involvement is the book Illegal Norwegians. The writer of the disputed book, Maria Amelie wrote how she had a master's degree at a Norwegian university, eventhough she did not have legal residence permit in Norway. In a written submission to the Ministry of Education, Amundsen demanded the review of the procedures of the admission to higher education institutions, as there are currently no requirement to provide a social security number while applying to higher education in Norway.

– In today's high computer technology, it should be that big issue to compare the admissions to the UDI's register, and thus control whether applicants have legal residence in the country, "says FrP politician.

He also suggested that universities must follow up and check that their students are really Norwegian citizens.


Minister for Research and Higher Education, Tora Aasland, replied to Amundson stating that it is not their responsibility to check if applicants to colleges and universities have Norwegian citizenship. Aasland emphasizes that this is primarily a matter of the immigration authorities.

Residence permit is not an admission criterion at Norwegian universities. According to the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers, there are no specific names or number of people with illegal residence in Norway but having access to higher education.

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