A fake Invitation from the Nobel Committee

The invitations sent with title of Nobel committee contain a dangerous virus. Internet users are sent a fake invitation to the ceremony of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize. Message sender is supposedly “Oslo Freedom Forum”, but the letters are sent from nonexistent addresses.

E-mail message contains a PDF-file containing a virus (so-called exploit), by which a hacker gains access to the hard drive of a PC. The file is better not be opened, and the letter should be discarded without reading.

According to Norwegian daily, Aftenposten, a security expert at Telenor Frank Stien said they are cautious in their conclusions, but there is reason to believe that the action is directed against those who are interested in the peace prize.

Previously, hackers had infected web site of the Nobel Committee. Many experts believe that Chinese hackers have avenged Committee in that way for awarding the Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo.

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