WikiLeaks Monitored in Norway

The authorities from WikiLeaks claimed that monitoring device being operated on behalf of the U.S. embassy in Oslo, could have watched them during their meetings in Oslo earlier this year. The claim was proposed on WikiLeaks' Twitter account on Thursday night.

WikiLeaks confirms that there was meetings under the Oslo Freedom Forum at the Grand Hotel in Oslo in April, but will not elaborate on what they experienced.

The organization's founder, Julian Assange was one of the speakers at the conference and participated with a number of opposition from several places in the world. Norwegian state-owned broadcasting company, NRK contacted with the WikiLeaks authorities. They expressed what is happening in Norway, with revelations about American surveillance, is interesting.

The U.S. had built up intelligence group Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU) with the goal of systematic monitoring of the Norwegians. Its headquarters were in the so-called Trade Building, just near the U.S. embassy in Oslo.

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