Effective Measures Work in Asylum Application

After the citizens of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro got access to all Schengen states in December 2009, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of asylum seekers from these countries to several countries in Europe including Norway.

– We expect Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro safe countries, and applicants from these countries are very rarely in a need for protection in Norway, "says Deputy Director Tone Loge Tveter in UDI's asylum department.

– UDI gives priority to make sure that people from these countries will have their application processed within 48 hours, only to be escorted by police after they have been rejected.

Fast Processing

48-hour procedure has proven a very effective means to prevent asylum seekers from other European countries such as Bulgaria and Romania. The procedure is used for asylum seekers from countries where the applicants are assumed not to have protection needs. If, however, would prove that there are special circumstances of the case to be considered further, it can be transferred to the normal procedure.

Applicants who fall under the 48-hour procedure, a short interview is held and the police investigate the itinerary. If the asylum application is rejected, the Police Immigration Unit carries out the applicant from Norway.

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