Fear of Gradual Introduction of Tuition Fee

Svein Harberg, Høyre’s representative in the Committee of church-, research and education, said the countries surrounding Norway are introducing tuition fees on higher education and Norway can’t be afraid to discuss tuition fee for international students. Harberg's proposal was also supported by Mari Mamre, leader of the Conservative Student Party, reporting that the student division of Høyre says yes to the introduction of tuition fees.

However, many consider that such an arrangement will be the first step on the road to making all students pay for their education according to Universitas.

-Tuition fee is a bad thing whether introduced to national or international students, Per Anders Langerø, leader of the student division of Norwegian Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet) told to Universitas.

Tora Aasland, Norwegian Minister of Research and Higher Education, rejects the idea of tuition fees and suggests that tuition fees will not be introduced for neither international nor Norwegian students, as long as their government is in reign. Aasland also noted free education is important, and gives Norway a chance to attract good international students.

Higher Education in Norway

Nearly 12 000 foreign nationals are currently enrolled at Norwegian institutions of higher education.

There are no tuition fees for attending public higher education in Norway, as all the costs are covered by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Students are also given the opportunity to apply for financial support (a part loan/part grant) from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

Eligible applicants may be granted financial support (a part loan/part grant) of about NOK 80,000. It is initially given as a full loan, but upon completion of modules in the education around 40 percent of the amount is transferred to a scholarship/grant if the modules are passed. There is no interest paid while taking the education.

While studying, all students belong to a student welfare organisation that takes care of such services as housing, on-campus dining, book stores, kindergartens, advisory services and some health care. Part of this is finances through a student fee, typically at NOK 300-500 per semester.

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