Neo-Nazi on the Way to Murder Norwegian Muslims

According to Norwegian Daily Dagbladet, the threat is connected to the arrests of three Russians and an Estonian in a large weapon seizure in Oslo two weeks ago.

PST is trying to determine whether the East European neo-Nazis had access to weapons in the past year and they have established the Oslo branch of the notorious extreme-right group Slavic Union, or an isolated terrorist organization.

Russian Embassy in Alarm

Dagbladet reported that the neo-Nazis Viacheslav Datsik comes to join in the organization in Norway after having broken out of a psychiatric hospital in St. Petersburg. Three weeks after his escape, the security chief at the Russian Embassy in Oslo alarmed the Norwegian authorities he may be on the way to Norway and plans to kill the Russian embassy employees in Oslo, even Norwegian Muslims or other Norwegians.

They were in Norway Before

Neo-Nazis' alleged murder plans have appealed attention after Datsik came to the reception of the Police Immigration Unit with a sharp loaded pistol and a t-shirt inflicted swastika and the words “Meine Ehre heisst Treue” (My honor is loyalty “) – the slogan of the SS during the 2 World War II on 21 September 2010.

On a picture taken in the same day, Datsik posed with an ax and a gun in front of a black “SS” banner in the tattoo studio “Metal Tattoo” in Oslo. Afterward, an operation was done in “Metal Tattoo” and Datsik and the three other men were charged with weapons, handling stolen goods and forgery. Datsik have been investigated for up to 50 serious violent incidents in Russia, including robbery and death threats.

Viacheslav Datsik has been a popular figure in the far-right organization Slavic Union (abbreviated SS in Russian) which was banned in Russia in April this year. In addition, he is linked to a group called Pagan allegiance “, according to Dagbladet.

Previously, he had applied to Norway for asylum

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