Grand Mother Convicted of Doping

The 66-year-old ordered health DHEA product on the web. Then, she was convicted for having ordered two glasses of this preparation in the following day, as the ordered drug is on the Olympic Committee's doping list, writes Moss-avis.

– At first I thought it was a joke, "said the woman who does not want to reveal his identity to the newspaper.

The two pill boxes were confiscated by Customs at the airport before the case went to Moss. When the indictment of the police inspector Rolf Liaaen Claus came, and she was prepared to jail for 15 days, subject to two years probation and fined 5000 NOK.

– I have taken this medicine for many years. I get it prescribed by my doctor, gynecologist Inger Ƙverli, and buy it at the pharmacy in Moss. I am using this product because I feel that this subsidy makes me feel good in the aging process, told the woman.

She also suggested that her doctor prescribes them and she gets them on prescription at a pharmacy in Moss legally therefore she thinks her conviction is redundant.

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