Kidnapping Dramas Shake Norway

In the first incident, two men forced a woman into a black BMW. The police chased the car but had to give up when the kidnappers drove up on the E18 – in the wrong direction with 180 kilometers per hour. After a while, the kidnappers were reported to have crashed into a wall and the woman managed to get out of the car. After the crash, one of the kidnappers have been arrested, while the other is still missing.

Meanwhile, another hostage case in the area was reported. A man was forced into his own car and later was forced to withdraw money from an ATM. It is not clear whether the two incidents are related.

The hostage drama finally ended in the center of Grimstad. The man in his 30s who was driving the car, was arrested by police after the police first fired a warning shot, while a woman got away. However, the police caught this woman in the center of Grimstad, too. The police reported that nobody was injured during the chase and shooting.


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