New Action Plan for Gender Equality

– An active gender equality policy is necessary to bring us forward and we still have a long way to go, "said Minister of Youth, Equality and Social Inclusion Audun Lysbakken. We lack a cross-sectoral action plan that applies to the government's gender policy equality at a senior level. This is what we will develop, "said Lysbakken.

The Action Plan will provide an overall presentation of policy objectives , strategies and measures. Such an overview will be a useful tool for an appropriate development of equality policy. There is considerable international interest in Norwegian gender equality policy. The Action Plan will thus be a useful tool in exports of Norwegian gender equality policy.

The action plan will be an important step in further development of equality policy. Such development has also been the basis for the reduction of Women panel and Gender Equality Committee .

Some of the areas that will be included in the plan are equal payment, parenthood, domestic violence and combating gender stereotypes.

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