Public Prosecutors' Pressure on Treholt – Filmmakers

The film producer Christian Fredrik Martin said Attorney General Stone Vale called him and wanted to know what kind of movie it was, and stated that he was not very happy about it. Martin also told to NRK that he was warned not to publicize the film.

This can be interpreted as pressure, “said the head of the International Commission of Jurists in Norway, Jon Wessel- Aas.

Christian Fredrik Martin is the producer and co-owner of film company Friland Film and was working on a film project about Arne Treholt case in 2008. However, he received a warning call from Attorney Stein Vale in the autumn of 2008 and had to stop the film production.

Arne Treholt case has turned into an investigation scandal in Norway. The former Norwegian politician, Arne Treholt had been sentenced to 20 year imprisoment with accusation of espionage. Nonetheless, it was revealed that the proofs in the case were fabricated by the police.

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