-Universities are Sausage Factories!

– The standard of education at the universities is very low. There are very few students having completed their studies in a short time. Plagiarism has become a huge problem. I can not give students homework anymore. They cut and paste from the internet. I believe this is an under-reported phenomenon, “said Hagtvet.

Professor Hagtvet also noted that the students are victims of the quality reform. On the the other hand, leader of the student parliament at the University of Oslo, Shaft Braanen Sterri, confirmed that there have been problems with plagiarism, particularly in subjects where many tasks to be delivered but he does not believe the Quality reform has negative consequences on the education and students.

Quality Reform

Quality reform – a reform of Norwegian higher education was introduced in 2003 in connection with the improvement of the quality and internationalziation in higher education.

New degree structure, closer monitoring of students, new examination and assessment methods, new student support scheme and increased internationalization were central to the reform.

The goals for the Quality Reform is summarized in three points: The quality of education and research to be improved, the intensity of the education to be increased and internationalization to be increased.

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