Tap Water Alarm in Norway

According to NRK's report based on a calculation of Public Health Institute, about 1.3 million people continue to have drinking water that is not treated against parasites. The pipes that carry drinking water across the country are usually old, they leak and the rusted pipes can cause smell and brownish water in the tap. Farsund county is especially struggling with old pipes dating back to 1930s, needs to replace most of the water system.

Chief scientists criticize that The Norwegian government does not give priority to drinking water reminding that most drinking water sources in Norway are open water. Thus, sewage from an animal or human that is infected with parasites as Giardia or the deadly cryptosporidium can end up in the water.

Check If Your Water is Safe

Call your municipality, and learn whether the supplier water company has been approved and what kinds of protection measures it has taken against bacteria and parasites.

If the water quality is poor, it is colored or stinking or recently changed, they have to inform about precautions.

If you still have doubts about the quality of the water, you can call your local Food safety authorities to have the overview of the condition of drinking water in your district.

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