Princess Martha Contacts Deaths

Previously, it was speculated that Princess Martha can communicate with both angels and horses, and now she said she has contact with deaths.

– It's not hard to get in contact with the dead either, just as with the angels. On the contrary, we can have a contact with them at any time when we wish, “the princess said.

Princess Martha Louise is presented as a psychic, and insists she has supernatural abilities since childhood. She had started an alternative school-Angel School, where people can learn the trick to get in touch with angels. In this school, around 60 people pay 2900 dollars for learning to get in touch with their guardian angel.

When the school started in July 2007, it attracted great attention in the Norwegian and foreign mass media. While supporters and practitioners of alternative therapies supported Princess Martha Louise, theologs and Conservative politician critized that the school is contrary to Christianity.

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