Mucky Bedbugs Invade Norwegian Households

The Vintage- and reuse fashion made its entry in households. The amount of reported cases regarding bedbug-control in Norway has increased by 48 percent since 2007.

– We receive many calls everyday from frustrated people complaining about bedbugs in their home, not understanding how this could happen, says Preben Ottesen – assistant director for pest control at Norwegian Institute of Public Health(FHI) to NTB.

He thinks that people carry bedbugs with them after spending time on infected accommodations; either it is a camping cabin or a five star hotel. Sleeping carriages in public trains also places where bedbugs can sneak into your luggage. Ottesen also warns, the upcoming season for flea markets is a time to be alerted for items that may possess unwanted surprises.

Used Clothes Safe?

Norway’s biggest used chain, Fretex, examines clothes and furnitures when they receive them and cleans them if necessary. Mattresses are accepted if they are well used, and are carefully checked.

– We have a strict hygiene policy. Items that we suspect for pests are being picked, and then sent to recycling, says communications manager Trine Gjermundbo at Fretex.

Bedbugs are hard to discover as they are almost invincible when they lay their eggs. When newly hatched they are also very tiny and transparent. A grown-up bedbug is reddish brown, a half centimeters long and hides itself very well.

They only move at night and expiring CO2, they crawl to suck blood from humans. It does take some time though before the human body reacts to their bites. An itchy rash occurs, caused by the anticoagulant fluid that the bedbugs inject at the bite.

A professional aid needed

Killing tiny pests that are resistant towards most of the insecticides, and that can live for almost a year with no food, is almost impossible without the help of professionals. Norwegian pest control firms registered 431 occurences in 2007, 505 the year after and 542 last year. On the other hand, This year so far it is estimated to be over 600 occurrences.

Talking About Medication Costs Yields Rewards

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