Croatian Company Will Construct the Controversial Power Line

Statnett and the Croatian company Dalekovod signed construction contract for the project Sima-Samnanger. The contract includes the construction of the power line in Hardanger.

Pending the final decision regarding Sima-Samnanger, Statnett has negotiated special conditions related to cancellations of portions of the contract. Dalekovod has decided to sign the contract despite the uncertainty in the project. The project is estimated to cost about 180 million.

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In October, work on the part of the line starts. This affects approximately 10 km starting in Samnanger.

“We have very good experience with Dalekovod and look forward to a new collaboration. There was a great interest and keen competition among the eligible European companies. Dalekovod won the competition on the basis of an overall assessment of both financial and the plan and program for working with health, safety and security, “said project manager Steinar Bygdås.

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