Norwegians do not care to recycle their mobile phone

The survey also shows that Norwegians do not realize that over 95 percent of cellphones can be recycled.

– It is a very important climate measures to recycle cell phones. Therefore, it is sad that 8 out of 10 Norwegians do not deliver it to recycling, “said Stig Ervik, CEO of Elretur.

Ignorant consumers

More than 95 percent of the components in mobile phones can be recycled. The survey from Norstat shows that consumers are not aware of this. 4 of 10 Norwegians do not think mobile phone is recycled at all.

– Over 95 percent of mobile phones are recycled. The survey shows that Norwegians are not aware that the submission of the mobile phone is a very important climate measure, so here we have a training to do, “says Ervik.

Half of the respondents in the survey explained the reason of retaining the old phones as their desire for a replacement phone, while two of ten state laziness as the reason.

Mortgage Arrangement?

Furthermore, 65 percent answered that they would hand the phone to recycle if a discount for the new phone they buy was offered.

About Elretur

Elretur AS is a nationwide search company for collection, recycling and environmentally sound management of electrical and electronic waste.

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