Cirkus Xanti: A Lot of Fun Awaits You at Circus Village

With four custom made circus tents, top artists, both Norwegian and international, and an impressive range of performances, classes and activities waits everyone.

The circus village serves as a professional show room and Norway's first arena for the development of circus as an art. Performers meet to present and produce, experiment and rehearse. Equally important, the village gives children and adults alike the opportunity to experience and be intrigued by the magic of the circus, laugh of the clowns and get thrilled by amazing stunts and impressive skills.

In addition to a number of performances, the village offers classes and workshops for profesionals, amateurs and beginners of all ages.

Tickets for the different shows and events may be purchased at or on site at the Circus Village



Tel: 22 99 34 50Fax: 22 99 34 51

Ticket service

Tel: 815 33 133


Date Place

16.08.2010- 12.09.2010

Mon – Sun Torshovparken

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