Deportations and Rejections Remark Immigration Figures

See more key figures on immigration to Norway by 1st of August.

Reception center

The number of reception centers: 148

Application number in the end of July: 17,380

3921 of them received asylum in Norway and will be resettled in Norwegian municipalities, while the 1959 has been finally rejected and they are obliged to leave the country.

Asylum Seekers

So far this year: 5311

July: 863

Forecast for 2009: 10 000

Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers

So far this year: 449

Last month: 62

46 percent of unaccompanied minors are boys from Afghanistan. In the same period of last year the proprtion of Afghan boys was 71 percent of all applicants.

41% of asylum applications have been been denied so far this year.

17.5% of asylum applications from asylum seekers who have sought asylum in another country in the Dublin cooperation were sent back there.

Granted asylum: 3078

Denied asylum applications: 4476


So far this year: 5424 applications

44% of the permits were granted to people under 18 years

Deportation Decision

So far this year: 2022

1287 of them for violating immigration law, 447 for violations of criminal law.

For more statistics, see / statistics

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