Raja: Norway Has Less Empathy with Muslims

Raja claimed that the reason behind the failing aid campaign to Pakistan in the fight with the outcomes of disaster is simple, according to NRK’s report.

– It is because Pakistan is a Muslim country, and in general, Norwegians have less empathy with Muslims because Islam is perceived as controversial, “said Raja to Norwegian daily, Dagsavisen.

He also noted that many people in Norway see Pakistan as a thoroughly corrupt country, a hotbed for terrorists and called the Norwegian people to leave these biases, and see all of the innocent, poor people having lost everything in the disaster.

NUPI Director Jan Egeland had stated that this situation is loss of Norwegian generosity and reminded the fact that the flood victims often receive ten times less support than those who are hit by earthquakes. On the other hand, aid organizations suggest that the lack of generosity may be due to the fact that half of Norway is still in vacation mode.

Support Call in Independence Day

In the celebration of Pakistan’s national day on 14th of August, Pakistani origin SV politician, Akhtar Chaudhry called everyone to make a contribution to relief work in the country in connection with the flood disaster.


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