Viking Era Re-Enacts in USA

August 21st Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

August 22nd Sunday 12 noon to 4 pm


Viking Village – Interactive historical demonstrations by Gladsheim

Viking Ship – 22 ft faering (four-oared) boat

Viking Game of Kubb – watch, learn, play, and/or buy

Norwegian Fjord Horses

“Gudrid the Wanderer,” oral sagas, singing and dulcimer. Portrayed by Lynn E. Noel, geographer, musician, heritage interpreter, and 'living' historian.

Higland Pipers – 3 to 4 pm Saturday 8/21 only

Scandinavian Bakery & Cafe with live Scandinavian accordian music and organic teas

Scandinavian rosemaler, wood carver & gift vendors

Visual History – Lynn E. Noel is your guide on a vicarious journey to historical Viking sites, ancient trading centres, artifacts & museums

$10 for Adults

$5 for Teens & Seniors

12 & under – free

Gladsheim is the Indiana chapter of Vikings North America, a living history society. Gladsheim is made up of individuals and families that share a common interest in Anglo-Scandinavian history, primarily dealing with the Viking's area of influence, from 793 to 1066.

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