Norway Working for Criminal Prosecution of Somali Pirates

The Foreign Ministry is working closely with other Norwegian authorities and the shipping industry in this effort. Norway is also in close contact with the UN , EU and East African countries like Kenya to find practical and international solutions to the piracy problem.

– The main purpose is to protect international shipping against piracy , to secure United Nations food supplies to the crisis-stricken Somalia and to ensure the prosecution of pirates , both in terms of deterrence and punishment. Norway participates in the Contact Group from piracy operations in Somalia , and is a main contributor to the international fund to build the legal capacity to deal with piracy issues in the region, “said Secretary of State Lahnstein . Norway has also participated in a frigate with the EU naval force. The Norwegian authorities and the shipping sector also plays an important role in the development of protective measures.

– The attacked Norwegian boat, Bow Saga handled the situation excellently , and we are grateful that the EU's maritime force came to rescue and arrested the pirates . But we need to establish arrangements which both deters criminals and ensures that the pirates may not go free. Like other countries, the African Union and the industry is our tenet that should take place in the region , stresses Lahnstein .

– Long-term solutions to piracy problem lies on land in Somalia. The Norwegian efforts against piracy should be considered in the light of the broader Norwegian efforts to remedy Somalia's fundamental problems with lawlessness , violence and poverty , “said Secretary of State Lahnstein by reminding that Norway has an extensive political, and humanitarian assistance in terms of commitment to help improve living conditions , control set and the rule of law in Somalia.

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