Northern Lights Shine over Southern Norway

– It has been very low activity on the sun for the past four years, but from July to now it has increased resulting in more lights, “says astro physician Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard.

Because of the bright summer nights in north, the people in the South Norway can see the northern lights at this time.

– Giant blowout on the sun is quite unusual, especially when the gas cloud approaches to the earth. It can cause strong aurora, says Ødegaard. He emphasized that it is not unusual for the northern lights occur in southern Norway, but it is seen in northern Norway more often.

Darker Areas Better to Observe

Ødegaard suggested people who want to see the northern lights to stay in dark areas.

– There is no difference between being in Oslo or in Bergen to see the Northern Lights as long as you get a little bit out of the towns and have a clear view to the north, he says.

He also reminded that people should be patient to see the northern lights in the night and they may have to wait for a long time.

– Such eruptions from the sun can come to grips. It can be a powerful lights that can be really great for a few minutes, then disappear to then come back, “says Ødegaard. You can never guarantee that you can see the northern lights, he said.

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Watch The National Geographics Northern Lights Video from Norway

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