Norway Donates 30 million NOK for Flood Disaster in Pakistan

Norway has already contributed with nine million through the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (Central Emergency Response Fund). With an additional contribution of 21 million to UNICEF, Ocha Emergency Response Fund (ERF-national relief fund in Pakistan) and Pakistan Red Crescent / Red Cross International Federation (International Federation), the total aid to effort for flood victims reached to 30 million.

– We will monitor developments in Pakistan closely in the future and assess the humanitarian situation closely. UN's coordinating role is essential for an effective and good humanitarian response. We therefore allow the UN to advise on how the Norwegian aid should be used, “said Foreign Minister.

The floods have hit the population in the north-western and western regions of Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan worst. The situation is still complex and flood damage begins to appear. The danger of the spread of waterborne diseases is atill a high risk.

UN humanitarian organizations have started to coordinate and provide humanitarian assistance to the victims of the flood. Norway emphasizes support of humanitarian actors with knowledge, experience and proximity to the victims.

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