We should Invade Norway!

In the entry, the 30 year-old- Swedish blog writer reminded the common light-hearted saying about that Swedes should invade Norway and then give up immediately after the declaration of war to be annexed and have access to oil money. – Now, we should actually invade, but we shall not give up. One would have to have the same arguments as US went into Iraq: “We must liberate the Norwegian people”, he wrote.

Jadbäck explained why he wants the invasion and accused the Norwegian banks banning the transactions to and from foreign gambling sites as part of protecting national gambling monopoly.

-It has created a lot of other problems for our Norwegian brothers and sisters. They can not, for example go on holiday to Las Vegas because the hotels actually are casinos. They cannot go to Sweden and play at Casino Cosmopol either, even when they want to use their cards to buy chips from these places. They actually can not even buy a soda in a Swedish shop that also happens to be represented by the Swedish games and / or ATG, which also qualifies a number of supermarkets has blacklisted for the Norwegians, he reported.

At the end of his entry, he questioned how a democratically elected government legislate away its own citizens' freedoms in other countries. He finished his writing by clarifying that he is not really concerned that poker would disappear and calling Norwegians passive in showing their reactions.

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