Christian Democrats Worried About Future of Addiction Policies

-I am sincerely worried that the situation can deteriorate the users. Escalation Plan for addiction expires in 2010, and it is not yet clear how spending on policies of addiction will come. Christian Democrat Party wants to continue and expand the current plan. We believe one billion kroner should be allocated for that, said Leader of Christian Democrat- Women, Ellen Solheim.

Solheim also noted the long queues in the health care system is seen in treatment of addicts. The waiting time to get to the multidisciplinary specialized addiction help has increased by 13 days in two years, reminded she. Nearly 4400 people were waiting for addiction treatment at the end of 2009. Long waiting time for detoxification and treatment is a major obstacle to tackle with, the patient may have to wait for 6 months or longer currently, said she.

-Christian Democratic Party want that all addicts should be offered treatment within 30 days and also that government funding for treatment and follow-up of addicts will go to the municipality where the addict is staying , and not to the municipality in which they are registered . It is important that emphasis is put more on job creation / job training that can give addicts a gateway to employment after rehabilitation, Solheim said.

Criticism for “keep it that way” policy

Solheim stated that she believes there has been an unfortunate trend in the direction of the efforts toward the solution of drug use. They are directed more towards that addicts can live with their addiction rather than to get out of it. This emphasis may help to displace the prevention and treatment that can provide a life without drugs .

-We will not allow drug and other measures to legalize the abuse of drugs. We know that the injection room in Oslo during the trial until this year , has not contributed to measurable reductions in the spread of infection or the number of doses, and that social follow-up has only happened to a limited extent. Christian Democratic Party would therefore like to wind up injecting rooms and use the money to other low-threshold , which can reach to more. We also welcome suggestions on the use of heroin supported treatment and would rather spend the money on such treatments cost , and building of more places for drug treatment, stated she.

KrF politician concluded her remarks by demanding zero tolerance towards all forms of drug sales. She said, they, as Christian Democratic Party, are committed to raise the penalties for import of addictive substances into Norway and sale of drugs, even small quantities, so that the amount traded may be limited .

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