One of Every Ten Children can not Express Themselves

According to Aftenposten's article, the study conducted by Lillan Hollund – Møllerhaug , specialist in clinical neuropsychology aims to map the language difficulties among the children in Norway .

Møllerhaug said these children are the ones who have difficulty making themselves understood verbally, or understand others.

She believes that special care must immediately recognize that language difficulties can be a cause of serious problems.

– Children with language difficulties may have other difficulties , including mental health problems. Therefore it is important to prevent early, “said Hollund – Møllerhaug .

A Social Challenge for the Children

The children detected as having languages problems are divided in several groups. Some of them can not speak “understandably” and some are struggling to formulate all, understandable sentences. Still others have difficulty to understand what words mean, and some children have trouble in understanding the social codes.

The researcher noted that having these kinds of language problems is quite difficult and many of the children may be bullied as they are talking in that childish way.

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