Campaign for Less Food Waste in Norway

The research will reveal the food waste habits among the customers in detail in addition to what kinds of foods are usually thrown. The research project also includes cooperation of the researcher institutions, Østfold Research, SIFO and Nofima Food with industry and retail sector to identify and take action against food waste in Norway .

A multi-dimensional Problem

The reseachers pointed out that food waste is not just about waste. It is also about a social problem and a threat for emissions of greenhouse gases associated with production and transportation. They also noted it is an ethical problem in a global situation where food shortage is on the agenda and malnutrition is growing.

Most Thrown Aways and Packages

Ensuring foods reach to consumers in good condition gains more importance in fighting against the waste and this task belongs to te producers. Fruits, vegetables and baked goods are known as the most commonly disposed food groups, according to the reserach. In this sense, the researchers remind proper packaging of these foods is an important factor in order to increase durability. Developing package technology for maximum duration on shelf life is a very relevant topic in the research. within the project,they work with different packaging technologies and focus on using of CO2 – emitter multiple benefits.

Another method, the researchers suggest for the producers is the regulation of package sizes. They suggest producing packages which are suitable for small households and packages with effective opening / closing mechanisms will be important measures to reduce food waste.

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