A Leading Technology against deafening problem in Oil Industry

An action group has adopted and further developed an active hearing protection and communication product called QUIETPRO

– It's great to contribute to the development of technology that will reduce hearing damage says Asle Melvær , Statoil's noise specialist, and lecturer for the research project SoHot (Security Offshore for Hearing and Speech Communication) .

More energy and increased security

Hearing protection was tested in 2009 on the helideck at the Oseberg Field Center.

– By using the hearing protection, we save the employees of energy. They do not have to strain to hear what is being said over the radio. Damping of the hearing protection means that the sound suit the environment.

– To take in the messages given to the radio can be vital , says Melvær .

Research on hearing protection offshore

In four years , Statoil has put efforts to develop new hearing protection. Oseberg and Snorre will test the next generation of QuitePro . The test period starts in December 2010.

– The new edition has a built-in noise dose meter before hearing damage. This is completely unique, “says Melvær .

– It allows us to pull staff out of noisy areas until they have been subjected to hearing damaging noise. It is also explosion protected and can be used on the entire platform.

The world's most advanced hearing protection

On the outside of the earbuds, there is a microphone that picks up surround . The sound is digitally processed. Unwanted loud noise is taken away. The sound is sent to a speaker inside of the earplug , so that the person can hear ambient sound. It is also possible to adjust the amount of ambient sound you want to hear.

Earbud-style headphones microphone inside that picks up voice signals through the skull . This is not necessary with microphone in front of the mouth , as the hearing protection used on most platforms today. The microphone inside the ear, not with the background noise , like a microphone in front of your mouth get.

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