Reward to Effort for Less Car Use

– Within the available funds , we have prioritized metropolitan area who want to try out the restrictive measures, and where the need for reduced traffic is greatest , “said Transport Minister Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa .

Award this year is as follows:

o Bergen: 55 million

o Stavanger: 35 million

o London: 20 million

o Tromsø: 6 million

o Grenland: 10 million

o Sarpsborg / Fredrikstad: 2 million

Last year , as a part of a follow-up of greenhouse Settlement, the Department of Transportation entered into four-year agreements with cities, towns envisaged the comitment to adopt restrictive policy instruments for use of the car. The Ministry contributed to the aggreement through funds for collective action in four years.

So far the Ministry has entered into such agreements with the Trondheim area , Kristiansand area and Buskerud Region. These three agreements constitute 205 million of a total budget in 2010 to 333 million.

Five cities applied for a four-year deal in this year's round, and these towns have applied for totaly 351 million. In addition, one urban – Sarpsborg / Fredrikstad – applied for funding for 2010.During consideration of the application, the applications from the metropolitan area which want to try out the restrictive measures is considered.

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