University board voted against an academic boycott of Israel

The proposal was firmly rejected by the university board. Two members of the board voted in favour of the proposal, whereas nine members voted against the proposal. The university management published a decleration on the university's website after the decision:

“The leadership of the university is united behind its opposition to an academic boycott of Israel. The free exchange of thoughts and ideas is a founding principle for all academic institutions. As academics it is our obligation to contribute to studies dealing with the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as to make efforts to resolve the ongoing dispute. In order to identify the causes of conflict, we need to be in contact with both parties.

Academic boycott is not a way to go in any conflict of this kind: Contact and dialogue between academics across international borders can lead to a better understanding between the parties, and be of great importance in peace-building efforts.

The leadership of the university is in favour of a more active use of science diplomacy in conflicts where diplomatic contacts break down or prove to be inefficient.”

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