Nice Weather Comes with UV Alert

In the weekend, UV radiation is expected to be between moderate and strong from Trøndelag and the south of Norway. So, the experts warn about taking necessary precautions to be protected from the harmful effect of the sun.

Here is the concentration of the UV Lights all over Scandinavia (Source:

How should you behave under the sun

Strength Measures
Low None. Be out there and enjoy the sun!
Moderate Clothing, hat and sunglasses. Take breaks from the sun!
Strong Clothing, hat and sunglasses. Take breaks from the sun between. 12-15. Use sunscreen with a high factor (15) and UVA protection.
Very High Avoid the sun between. 12-15 and seek shade. Wear clothes, hat and sunglasses.
Extreme Avoid the sun between. 12-15. Find shade. Clothing, hat and sunglasses absolutely necessary.
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