Netherlands and Norway: Gender equality and environmental Technology on the agenda

The minister presented the strategy for female entrepreneurship and ASA, the Norwegian legislation.

– Gender equality in the workplace is essential for sustainable growth and prosperity, "said Giske.

The Netherlands is the third largest trading partner and many Norwegian companies are established in the country. – It's not just the economy that bind us together. Relations with the Netherlands are generally close and good. Our two countries have often coincide vision and priorities, and we cooperate closely in international organizations. It is therefore important for the government to maintain and further develop the already excellent relations between Norway and the Netherlands, "said Giske.

Giske also met with his Dutch colleague Maria van der Hoeven for political talks on economic relations, trade policy, financial crisis, innovation, environmental technology and maritime policy.

The financial crisis on the agenda

-WTO negotiations is slow, several EU countries are struggling with debt problems, Euro has been under very strong pressure. We must think long term and not fall for short-term, protectionist initiatives, "said Giske.


• The Netherlands is the third largest trade partner after Britain and Germany

• Norwegian exports to the Netherlands: NOK 80 billion, while imports were 16 billion NOK in 2009

• Principal products in exports: oil and gas, machinery, nickel, aluminum, fish and seafood

• Norway 10 largest export market for fish and seafood, worth 1.7 billion in 2009.

• More than 60 Norwegian companies were established in the Netherlands

Nine most counterfeited products

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