The first Organic Farmers Market in Norway

Farmer's Market was launched as a pilot project of nine different locations in autumn 2003. Today there are 18 markets around the country. Farmers' market has proven to give very positive results for the producers involved in the project, and will provide an opportunity for Norwegian consumers to obtain food products which are not found on store shelves. Sales at Farmers Market has increased from 5.5 million NOK in 2006 to 22.3 million kroner in 2009. For many manufacturures, organic farmers market have turned into an important sales channel.

Ecological goals

The Norwegian government announced that its goal is to increase the organic food proportion to 15 percent of whole food production till 2020. However, Norway is still lagging behind other countries when it comes to availability of organic products to consumers.

You can find more detail on the organization's website

Farmer's Market Website

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