Norway Looks for Solution to Save Vanunu

The Israeli nuclear scientist,Mordechai Vanunu was again arrested in Israel after he had a meeting with a Norwegian woman. The government now set on to grant asylum right to Vanunu
According to the Israel’s largest newspaper Yedioth Aharonot, 54-year-old scientist was arrested at a hotel in East Jerusalem on Monday after meeting his Norwegian girlfriend. The Norwegian woman, theology professor and Bible scholar Kristin Joachimsen (40) from Tromsø, was also questioned by Israeli police, and according to the newspaper she has confirmed that she has met Vanunu.
Afterward, the Norwegian government set on to grant Vanunu a passport. It will give the Israeli nuclear scientist to stay and protection. The Norwegian government was being criticized from their own ranks for not helping Vanunu.
Revealed Israel’s nuclear program
Mordechai Vanunu was a nuclear technician in Israel in 1986 when he warned the world about Israel’s nuclear program. He spent 18 years in prison, 11 of them in isolation. On the basis of the information Vanunu leaked that Israel had nuclear weapons. He was released in 2004 with extensive restrictions on who he could meet and where he could move. Since he is repeatedly arrested for violating these conditions. At the same time he imposed travel bans and a ban on talking to foreigners. In April 2004 he applied for asylum in Norway on humanitarian grounds. He also sent the asylum-seeking applicaion to other countries. None of them was granted.
Mordechai Vanunu is an Israeli former nuclear technical assistant who revealed details of Israel’s nuclear weapons program to the British press in 1986. He was subsequently lured to Italy by an American woman (who was later determined to be a spy for Mossad) named Cheryl Bentov, drugged, and kidnapped by Israeli intelligence operatives. Mordechai Vanunu spent 18 years in prison, including more than 11 years in solitary confinement. Vanunu was released from prison in 2004, subject to a broad array of restrictions on his speech and movement. Since then he has been briefly arrested several times for violations of those restrictions, including giving various interviews to foreign journalists and attempting to leave Israel.

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