Minority Students Go for Prestigous Jobs

Young people with migration background is clearly over-represented in medicine. But almost no one selects teacher education.
A recent report from Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education(NIFU STEP) shows that only 0.9 percent of students second-generation immigrants choose the teaching profession, compared to 4.2 percent of native Norwegian youth.
Weekly paper Universitas evaluated NIFU STEP’s report by referring to the representtives of the teaching sector. Theachers think that the situation is simply due to the status of working as a teacher. In the evaluation, the complains of the school directos about the problem to find qualified workers with an immigrant background were also presented.
Medicine Favorite for Immigrant Youth
In medical studies, the situation is opposite. The 12.6 percent of the immigrant youths receiving higher education, compared with 2.3 percent of ethnic Norwegians. The report concludes that immigrant youths generally are more ambitious than the ethnic Norwegian in these fields. Author of the report Liv Anne Støren think the numbers are connected with the wishes of parents for their children.


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