Committee Formed for New Asylum and Immigration Policy

The Cabinet appointed a committee to assess organization and framework for the provision to persons seeking asylum in Norway. Gunnar Berge will head the committee
– The Government’s overall goal is to lead a strict and fair asylum and refugee policy. Norway will provide protection and accommodation of asylum seekers who need it. At the same time we are working to create lasting solutions for refugees in their country and prevent people without the need for protection come here as asylum seekers, “said Justice Minister Knut Storberget.
The committee will determine the framework, describe the solutions that exist in other countries and discuss and elaborate on key goals and concerns. The committee will study the various models for organizing and creating responsible positions and put forward comprehensive proposals for the asylum seekers. The committee will also examine the legislative consequences of the proposals presented.
The members of the committee:
Gunnar Berge (Chairman), Stavanger.
Petter Drefvelin, Director General, Oslo
Berit Berg, Research, Trondheim.
Marit Borchgrevink, psychologist, Tromsø.
Nina Gran Special Advisor, Oslo.
Sylo Taraku, advisor, Oslo.
Atle Hamar, Director Førde.
Simin Sabri, MD, Bergen.

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