Norwegian Students Work for Africa Today

Norwegian Students worked to earn money for providing schooling, self-esteem, meeting place for the youth with disabilities in Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Uganda in the frame of OD.

A Long Strive for World Problems

The theme and the projects of Operation Dagsverk change from year to year. OD has worked with including human trafficking, violence issues, agriculture and protection of the rainforest.

OD has worked in more than 62 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and with slogans such as, YouTube No matter, The world is sick – You are medicine and education for liberation!, Dominated school life for young people throughout the world since 1964.


Operation Dagsverk came out during a meeting of the Norwegian Gymnasiastsamband (National organization for students at High Schools- NGS), which was one of two precursors of School Student Union of Norway in 1964.

Since that time, Operation Dagsverk has changed a lot, and today, it is the largest solidarity campaign for youth. In 1964, Norwegian school children had worked for the reconstruction and rearmament of the school buildings in Algeria by earning 103,000 NOK. Today, about 120,000 young people are working in return to 30 million NOK each year to provide educational opportunity to youth in the South.

Talking About Medication Costs Yields Rewards

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