Reptiles, Dogs and Cats In Norway’ s Customs

Customs officials in the southern city of Norway, Kristiansand caught a 22-year-old man, while he was trying to smuggle 24 live animals wrapped around his body.

22-year-old had 14 royal pythons in the socks and the loss of these to the body when he was caught by customs officials in Kristiansand on Sunday afternoon. The man came to Kristiansand by ferry from Denmark.

Customs officials also found ten Albino Leopard gecko lizards in snuff boxes as the man had the loss of his legs. Additinally, in the luggage, a tarantella spider was found.

The man told that he had bought the reptiles for 7 000 Danish kroner in a pet store in the Danish coastal city, Aalborg.

33 animals in Svinesund

Meanwhile, Svinesund-customs officers stopped a German registered Renault Espace on Saturday afternoon, they found 28 cats, two dogs and three Cockatiel birds in the car.

I was reported that the car belonged to a 40-year German citizen who said that he was going to the West Country with his wife and daughter.

Customs contacted immediately and the FSA in consultation with the veterinarian who came to the customs, the car was emptied of animals and the animals were quarantined.

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