The Working Group ’’Mathematics for all!’’ is Appointed

Primary school pupils lose motivation for the math subject. This situation worsens at secondary schools. It is documented that lack of math skills is due to lack of implementation. There is also a high number of adults who struggle with math.

A working group has been created to prepare a report on the future’s mathematic and how math education can be more relevant and engaging for everybody

Working group Mathematics for all! will lead the work. The group is led by director Carla Botten Verb Oven from Norwegian industry, and other members have a long experience in education, higher education and special education.

The working group will investigate mathematic course in order to highlight the reasons why cannot everyone get the skills they need in mathematics. They will look at curriculum, educational materials and what happens in mathematic lessons.

Based on the results of the review, the group will propose measures to develop the future mathematic teaching.

These measures will include:

  • what must be done to improve education
  • to strengthen the motivation for mathematics
  • to provide advice on how teacher education can fulfill the need for breadth of knowledge in mathematics for all
  • to look at measures to reduce the fear and dislike of mathematics and strengthen the sense of mastery

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