Liberal Party Demands Control of Camera Surveillance

Liberal Party(V) demanded the government to pay more attention to the personal privacy noting Norway is the second most watched nation in the telecom world now according to the recent report of Data Inspectorate which reported the record increase in the number of camera surveillance

– Liberals asks government review all physical surveillance, such as camera surveillance and give municipalities the duty to collect information about how it’s monitoring, and for what purpose, and to publish this information for the citizens, “said the parliamentary leader of the Liberal Party, Trine Skei Grande.

She also noted that currently, the Data Inspectorate supervises and enforces the Personal Data Act’s rules on surveillance cameras but the privacy-related issues may change from place to place depending on local conditions.

More Control to Municipalities

Grande proposed in her article on Liberal Party’s webpage, her party proposes that the municipalities should take over supervisory responsibility for camera surveillance.


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